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Workflow: Software Development

00 - Definition

Tell us what your goals are with your project and our job will be to listen and fully understand your needs. At this stage, we will review the plans in detail, explore any sore points and clarify the goals to be achieved. We will start working with the above in mind.


Every project starts with careful and documented planning that outlines the solutions to solve the problem. The focus at this point will be on creative brainstorming and user experience. At the end of this phase we will create a wireframe, which serves as a guide for the next development phase.

02 - Development

Once the plan has been approved, in spotlight implementation. Whether it is a static web application, a complex enterprise system, or an automation platform, this phase will create a potential design, frontend and backend development, business logic, and the development of different communication services. We deliver exactly what you expected - and perhaps a little more.


03 - Delivery and launch

The finalised product is tested, and if everything checks out OK and everyone agrees, we'll launch in full. You may pop the champagne!

04 - Operation

After the launch, we hope you decide to entrust us with the operation of your product - in this case, we provide 24/7 support to keep everything running smoothly. Our trusted digital products are stored with modern container-based technology in safe clouds that are provided by the biggest and most trusted brands on today’s market. Maximum scalability, fixed monthly costs.


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