Aery Labs - Our workflow: Consultation and Advice
Aery Labs - Digital Solutions
Aery Labs - Digital Solutions

Workflow: Consultation & Advice

Please see below the short step by step guides for the services we offer for better understanding of the
workflow behind each service, and what you can expect when working with us.

00 - Initial contact

At this stage we usually have a short phone discussion to understand your exact requirements, plans and goals. Together we develop a plan as to how the consultations should be staged, and how many sessions are required.

01 - Consultation phase 1.

During our consultations we gain deeper understanding professionally of the following


  • We will complete a full viability review of your idea
  • We will review feasibility of planned budget vs required functionality
  • Technical background requirements and resource management
  • Market and competitor review

02 - Consultation phase 2.

This is where we nail down all of the technical requirements and make recommendations on how the plans can be improved.


  • Suggested Software architecture, database and programming languages
  • We will recommend options on scalability ,server operation and maintenance
  • Estimate of planned project duration, costs
  • We will analyse required third party solutions, such as payment, authorisations, mailer and data synchronisation

03 - End result of consultation

We will create a technical report based on the findings of our consultation sessions. With this information to hand you may start your project right away.

04 - Further Steps

If the consultation sessions have yielded the expected results, and you decide to continue with your digital project


  • We can recommend a developer or development team
  • We can assist in creating a project management workflow
  • We can take part in your project as external consultants







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