Aery Labs - Our workflow: Code Review & Software Audit
Aery Labs - Digital Solutions
Aery Labs - Digital Solutions

Workflow: Code Review & Software Audit

Please see below the short step by step guides for the services we offer for better understanding of the
workflow behind each service, and what you can expect when working with us.

00 - Initial contact

At this stage we usually have a short phone discussion to understand the problems you have experienced, your goals and what is concerning you with your project.

01 - The review

In this phase we gain access to the source code and the system so we can complete our review, and make recommendations on improvements, based on the following steps:

  • Programming languages and industry standards
  • Version control
  • System architecture and framework implementation
  • Well known vulnerabilities
  • Identifying money pits

02 - End user testing and final report

We complete end user testing where we will navigate through your pages as a non ethical user might do.We will create our final code report, highlighting any risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities we have found during our review. At the end of the phase we hand over a fully compiled report.

03 - Further Steps

If the report highlights issues or opportunities that could be improved upon, we are ready to assist your existing developers to solve the problems.If our report highlights serious issues, we will strongly advise against launch until those issues have been resolved.






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