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Software Leasing

Do you have a great idea but have not found an existing solution?


Are all quotes you received to develop your idea, hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of pounds?


You have an amazing idea but no time to get involved in a time consuming custom development?



It doesn’t have to be this way.






Aery Labs Smart system.

We would like to introduce an effective alternative to the costly and time consuming custom software development, let me present our Aery Labs Smart system.

Aery Labs Smart is a multi-purpose web-based content management system that is  expandable to meet individual users' needs.


Building on our Aery Labs Smart and implementing your creative and unique requirements, together we can reach your goals.


How software leasing looks in practice?


We recommend software leasing to our customers, who require quick ready made solutions for unique issues.

Recognizing this need, we have created a software foundation in which the basic functions are already available. This makes it possible to reduce the cost and duration of development. If our basic system doesn’t fully cover your needs, our developers will quickly integrate your ideas.

After lightning-fast development, you get full access to your Aery Labs Smart system with all its basic and advanced functionalities. You can lease the finished product, software license and operation from us, ie you do not have to deal with anything other than paying the monthly fee.


What is already included?

Aery Labs Smart Easy to use, user friendly Dashboard

  • Create as many static pages as you want with our module based drag and drop editor
  • Create as many forms as you want and manage your submissions
  • Create your content in different languages if you want to
  • Manage your content and layout as you wish

Aery Labs Smart High performance client which will match your design needs

  • Extremely responsive and superfast pages
  • State of the art SEO Engine
  • Our system is ready to use on Mobile and other devices
  • Guaranteed high score on Google Page Speed Insights (What is this?)
  • Automatic optimisation for your images and media assets

What exactly do you pay for?

Monthly software rental.

Your design implementation into our system.

The development costs of any unique requirements that are currently not in our system.









We are committed to helping you get the most out of your ideas,
and make your project a success.





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