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Aery Labs - Digital Solutions
Aery Labs - Digital Solutions


Thinking of a new IT Development, but unsure of the costs and time involved, the best technology for your circumstances and goals?


If you feel lost and have no one to turn to for professional advice, our team is ready to help.

Today's Web development market is full of noise, many developer teams misjudge the client requirements, choose incorrect technology which can have long lasting ramifications for your goals.

You wouldn't get a mortgage without consulting with an independent mortgage adviser, would you?



Why risk? Consult First!

What we can assist with?

  • Advice from the initial phase, is it worth even starting with the project
  • Recommending the most appropriate technologies for your goals and budget
  • Total cost estimates, and discussing long term sustainability.
  • Calculate the duration of your planned development
  • Planning of the development phases and advice in project management

Specialist consultation services

  • React js specialist consultancy
  • Nodejs specialist advice
  • Docker and high end server architecture consultancy
  • Project Management tools and processes consultancy






We offer impartial advice, if you choose to have a consultation session, there is no obligation for you to proceed with purchasing any of our solutions that we may have or offer to you.


As part of our Consultation ethical guidelines,we always act in your best interests, and provide different options so you are in complete control of every situation and have a good range of solutions to choose from.


Together we can find solutions, so you won't have any further sleepless nights.






Assess your planned IT development risk and ROI in a few hours

...instead of wasting tens of thousands and potentially months of time.
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