Aery Labs - Digital Solutions
Aery Labs - Digital Solutions


In today's world, there is a growing gap between our products and our prospective customers...


Not because they are far away from each other, but because of the digital noise that surrounds us and makes it difficult even for a more sophisticated user to see clearly. Continuous remarketing campaigns,sponsored posts and ads on social media feeds. No wonder we often feel lost when we are in the role of prospective customer because we don't know what is real. Is what we are seeing just marketing or real results?


The above question is even more relevant before investing heavily- such as a multi year IT contract- in your IT infrastructure and systems, so no wonder if you wanted to think twice and have reservations about many of the offers available online. We are hear to help you cut through the noise and see clearly.


We are committed to helping you get the most out of your ideas, so in Hungary we are the first in the world to offer tutoring services that help our clients not to have to gamble when choosing IT systems a programming team or a programming language.




What we can assist with:


  • advice from the initial phase, is it worth even starting with the project
  • assisting with the selection of the appropriate technology, its presentation, its pro’s and con’s 
  • Costs per hour, Total cost estimates
  • estimation of potential duration
  • software code review
  • development planning



Other Consultation related services:


  • react js specialist consultancy
  • nodejs specialist advice
  • docker and high end server architecture consultancy



It is very important for us to point out, that just because you chose to have a consultation session, there is no obligation for you to proceed with purchasing any of our solutions, that we may have or offer to you. Of course we are happy to provide you with our own solutions if those are the best for your circumstances, but we are also happy to give our opinion and advice on other offers you may have received. As part of our Consultation ethical guidelines,we always act in your best interests, and provide different options so you are in complete control of every situation and have a good range of solutions to choose from.


We believe that the mysterious cloud surrounding information technology, if examined more closely, is nothing more than a professional challenge, which can be overcome by our team of skilled professionals.


Together we can find solutions, so you wont have any further sleepless nights.

Assess your planned IT development risk and ROI in a few hours

...instead of wasting tens of thousands and potentially months of time.
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Aery Labs - Digital Solutions


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