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Aery Labs - Digital Solutions

Code review and software audit services

Take control of your development costs



Today's Web development market is equivalent to the ''Wild West''.
There are many untrained elements in the Information Technology sector, who can unwillingly introduce risks for you and your clients.

Minimize your risks and costs associated with your existing development.
Leave the review of your project in our capable expert hands. We will find the risks, vulnerabilities and the points where your costs can truly soar, and we will report it to you in full detail.


Does this sound like you?


Have you lost control over your software development?

Have you lost track of your expenditure regarding your development?

Has your launch date been getting pushed back further and further?

Fed up with functionalities not working as they should?

Do you feel like you're lost in all the ’Tech’ jargon and unknown phrases being thrown around by your developers?

Do you feel that the issue is a bug not a feature?

We can help!





What can we provide you with.


With our code review service, we can easily check your software with our experienced developers in several programming languages and different technologies.


Code quality report:

  • We will check if the code is fit for industry standards
  • We will review the software details(programming languages, architecture, servers, databases)
  • We will point out any discrepancies such as inefficient code structures, uneditable marketing lead content
  • We will check the version control of your project.
  • Vulnerabilities such as embedded credentials, cross site scripting,csrf protection, incorrectly installed and used frameworks and libraries.


End user testing:

  • Our experienced tester will navigate through your pages as a non ethical user might to take advantage of vulnerabilities.
  • We will login as admins as users and review all end product functionalities
  • We will test using different browsers to review and check background network usage and communications






Check your software risks and vulnerabilities

...instead of wasting tens of thousands of pounds and potentially months of time.
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